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Teeth Safety Tips For Kids This Summer

by televoxweb on Thursday, June 23, 2016 10:16 AM

We are always striving to be your choice when you are looking for an orthodontist in and around the Amherst, Hollis, and Nashua, NH areas. Drs. Metcalf and Bednarz specialize in a wide variety of orthodontic treatments that include many different types of braces and also the alternative to braces, Invisalign. Whether you are undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, maintaining an optimal level of dental health is important for all kids. One of the most common things a child will do over summer vacation is play sports. While we would never want to discourage any kids from participating in recreational activities, sports are accompanied by inherent risks to your dental health. There is a remedy to this, though. While playing sports this summer break, we want to encourage all children to wear a mouth guard.

Why Should You Wear A Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are important to wear because they cushion any blows to the face you might take. They will prevent or minimize the risk of broken or chipped teeth, and other injuries to the teeth, tongue, face, or jaw. Mouth guards also prevent the jaws from coming together fully, which reduces the risk of concussions and joint injuries.

When Should You Wear a Mouth Guard?

While wearing mouth guards is a standard practice in a few sports like football and hockey, it is critical to wear them in a number of other sports as well as activities where a higher possibility of dental damage exists. The American Dental Association recommends that you wear a mouth guard while playing football, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, bicycling, volleyball, skateboarding, and wrestling.

Wearing A Mouth Guard During Orthodontic Treatment

One of the reasons why it is important to use a mouth guard while wearing braces is that any blow to the face can damage the brackets in your braces. Another important reason for using a mouth guard during orthodontic treatment is that if you take a blow to the face, the braces can scrape against your gums and cheeks, causing lacerations or other injuries to your mouth.

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