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We Use the 3M True Definition Scanner For Faster, More Accurate Impressions

by televoxweb on Thursday, January 22, 2015 4:31 AM

Dr. Metcalf and his staff are proud to have had a big part in the creation of the 3M True Definition Scanners. It has been a personal pleasure for Dr. Metcalf and his staff to play a part in helping it come to fruition. This digital scanning technology does away with the need for messy, time-consuming dental impressions. The digital impressions created by the 3M True Definition Scanner enhances patient comfort and care, streamlines our work flow and greatly improves our practice's productivity.

How it Works

When we use the 3M True Definition Scanner to create digital impressions of the teeth, the patient sits back comfortably while we scan the teeth and mouth using a small, hand-held wand. As the wand glides along the oral structures, it captures highly detailed and accurate images on a 3D monitor. Once a digital model of the teeth are created, the lab that makes the orthodontic appliances is able to work from an exact replica of the patient's oral anatomy to reduce the time and labor typically required when working from a traditional model.

The 3M True Definition Scanner instantly sends an image of the patient's gums and teeth to a computer screen. This allows the patient to gain a better understanding of the entire orthodontic treatment experience while giving them a clearer idea of the results they can expect. Digital impressions taken with this scanner can result in shorter appointments, fewer visits and greater results. The 3M True Definition scanner is:

  • Safe
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Comfortable

Optimal Results

The scanning of the teeth is a very straight-forward and painless process. Plus, the digital impressions captured are far more accurate than traditional dental impressions, which helps the patient obtain the best possible result which is a beautiful, straight smile!

Once the digital data is captured, it is saved forever. This means that there is never a need to have new impressions taken if the patient happens to break or lose his or her orthodontic appliance.

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